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Movie Montage Series: Love Comes at Night

All through the night the storm raged and your eyes looked blankly through the window

at me

I let you in

"Where are the others,

the ones I have forgotten," I said earnestly

They passed through,

took more than they wanted,

sliced their words with shiny tongues,

cut me up

slapped me down

pushed me around and around

A dance , really

"I loved you so."

The days when bones rattled

within the house like plumbing,

beating deep hollow basement rhythms,

the radiators' endless croakings and sad poppings...

The dying yard light flickers a silent movie scene

with me

and a backdrop of tree branches blowing

goblins running close to the camera


the coyotes change their costume once again

they are dandies, hopelessly lovable and

the action rolls on and on behind clouds of dry ice,

the burning flesh of fans.

"Try not to breathe it," the starlet says with great emotion, and don't think!

Try not to think!

There are bones in here. I hear them clacking across the hardwood floor

at night, long-pacing with pendulous arms

swinging about, startled by the footlights, their empty sockets

staring this way and that

this way and that

as they weave drunkenly about

blandly looking for their cue

to dance with me


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